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All Keys Lost to Keys Locked in your car, We are you best choice.

7 Days a week to help you when you need us, Call Now and book in.

Stolen Keys

We all work very hard for what we have  to have someone take the keys to our pride and joy whether it is a Motor Bike, Boat or our Car. We have Mobile Locksmith vans all over Brisbane to Help.

Broken Car Lock

This is not ideal and usually happens when you just don’t need it to but we are here to help with the latest knowledge and repair techniques  available for your car.

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Genuine Car Key

These are the keys that can be purchased from your local Dealer and is the more expensive than other alternatives.

After Market Keys

These Keys are most the time as good and sometimes better than the dealers keys and usually fits your budget better.

Transponder Key

All modern keys have a Chip/ Transponder in them, this tells the car that it is the correct Key through the computer in the car .

Key Shell

High quality outer casings  to repair your key when it breaks.


We carry all types of remotes and remote car keys to suit different cars.

Proximity Key

Proximity keys only have to be near the car for them to work by pushing the button on dash

to stat engine..

Latest Car Keys

Technology in car keys are always changing due to supply and demand.

Toyota Proximity key

Ford Remote

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supplying keys to Your cars 

Car Brands

Repairs & Service

Our Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths can come to you and Repair your Car when the locks stop working. Cars are like any other items with locks they will need lubrication (dry Lubricant) over time, it is not recomended to use Graphite or any wet Lubricants these are the ones that remain sticky after being used.

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